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Geothermal heat pumps are typically more energy efficient than air-source heat pumps.

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Question: Geothermal heat pumps are typically more energy efficient than air-source heat pumps.
Top Answer (83% of 37 votes): True.

Answer: True
Explanation: Geothermal uses the earths constant year round temperature to heat and cool your home. An air-source heat pump uses the air outside. Once the air temperature drops outside, usually 32 or below, your efficiency is gone and you are running on your backup source of heat.
Geothermal Sales & Service, Inc.
Answer: True
Explanation: Geothermals use ground source heating and cooling. EER VS SEER
Anytime Air Conditioning & Heating
Answer: True
Explanation: Energy Efficiency Both geothermal and air-source heat pumps are extremely efficient. The difference between them is that geothermal uses water instead of air. Because of that, geothermal system do not have to move as much air to heat and cool and runs at 300% - 600% efficiency even in the coldest of temperatures. Alternatively, air-source heat pumps operate at 175% - 300% efficiency when it dips to very cold temperatures. Initial Cost Geothermal has a much higher purchase and install cost, but long term, lower energy costs will easily recoup the investment. You are also eligible for a 30% federal tax credit if your geothermal system is Energy-star rated. Air-source heat pumps have a lower purchase and install cost and are much faster to install. Like geothermal, they reduce energy costs but not as significantly as geothermal. If the system is extremely efficient, you can get a tax credit of up to $300. Maintenance and Lifespan Unlike air-source heat pumps, geothermal systems are all underground or indoors. That makes them safe from the elements and any possible vandalism. They typically last approximately 25 years. Air-source heat pumps require regular cleaning and maintenance and are easily damaged and last around 15 years. Space Requirements Deciding on which system is best for you may simply come down to how much room is available. If the area is small or has expensive landscaping, geothermal may not be a good fit as it requires extensive excavating. Air-source heat pumps are much smaller and do not require as much space.Geothermal and air-source heat pumps are excellent options when it comes to home heating. They are both extremely efficient compared to standard forms of heating and are relatively clean sources of energy. With either system, you know you’ll be making a great choice for an efficient, long term option to heat and cool your home.
Affordable AC of SWFL, Inc
Answer: True
Explanation: You are rejecting your heat into a solution instead of air which a liquid transfers heat way better.
Arizona's Best Heating & AC, Inc.
Answer: True
Explanation: Air to air heat pumps use the heat from the ambient air as a trasfer point, while the Geothermal system uses the more comstant temp of the earth as its transfer medium.
Air Connection
Answer: True
Explanation: Most geothermal are about 40 seer efficient and the best you can get out of her old air heat pump is 20 -25 seer
H&M heating and cooling
Answer: False
Explanation: In this region the traditional heat pump (air source) is much cheaper long term
HVAC and More
Answer: True
Explanation: Installation is more expensive
Fix My AC Inc
Answer: True
Explanation: This is true due to a geothermal heat pump uses heat from the earth to heat your home.
Dr Heat & Cool Comfort Experts
Answer: True
Explanation: They are more efficient, almost always
Air Services Comfort Solutions LLC
Answer: True
Explanation: Geo thermal uses the water underground to absorb the cooling by product of the heat pump. As the outdoor air temperature drops the efficiency and capacity of an air source heat pump also drops. The water temperature in the ground remains more constant and is not effected by air temperature drops
123HVAC of Long Island
Answer: Not sure
Explanation: I don't have enough evidence
H.O. Electric
Answer: True
Explanation: Geothermal heat pumps are more energy efficient, but they are more difficult to install and they tend to cost more upfront.
MJ Services
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